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about me

Hello, lovely people of the Internet and I hope new friends. So here is a little about me: My Name is Lottie Woods, I am a fashion designer by profession, originally I’m from the North of England but now I call London home. 

Design has always been my true passion, specially making clothes for the everyday man, woman, or child. Clothes that people can cherish and wear often, that make the individual feel happy and stylish but are most importantly are accessible.

I enjoy my job, but over the last 5 years I have felt a major pull towards thinking of the bigger picture. I believe that fashion moves at a rapid pace that is unnecessary and unsustainable, and I want to be another voice that shouts out for the benefits of slowing the process down.


I passionately want to feel connected to this multi-billion pound industry. Not just through buying but through caring.


This is the reason I started this blog, to reach out to people who want to believe in a better fashion future. To go on a journey through the current climate and explore what companies are creating positive waves, talk about ways in which everyone can make a difference, and explain the not so positive parts. Through caring a lot about ethical and sustainable fashion it has also opened the door to caring about the environment as a whole, and how to make my lifestyle more environmentally friendly, as everything is connected. So I also really enjoy promoting positive changes about caring for our planet along with fashion. If we can change our consumer habits we can change the world!


I am hoping someone may read this and share my sentiments. If so I reach out, I would love to hear from you. The smallest ideas can create the best conversations, and I do believe that every little helps. 

What do I have to say? Do I have the courage to say it? How can we make a positive changes? Questions I have been asking myself for a long time, the answers I will never know until I put that vulnerable part of myself out into the world.

I don’t hold the answers by any means, but this won’t stop us all asking the necessary questions for a better future. Who’s with me?


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