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Hello, Slow fashionistas and I hope new friends. 

My Name is Lottie, I am a fashion and graphic designer by profession. My partner, Josh is a talented photographer and videographer. Together we created, Into The Eco.  

A bit about my background.

Designing commercial clothing has always been my passion, upon graduating it felt natural for me to seek work within high street retailers. My goal was to design clothing that people would cherish and wear often. I was ideological and wanted to feel truly connected to people through my work. Unfortunately, working in fast fashion, that was easier said than done. The industry as a whole has become totally unsustainable for most workers and the planet.

All in all, it was an enlightening experience, but after 6 years of hustling, I decided to take a much-needed break to focus on finding more rewarding work that aligns with my values. 

What We Are About.

It felt natural for us both to combine our experience and work together. Discussing slow fashion and sustainable awareness, with the aim to reach out to people who believe in better. We hope to empower consumers by making creative and engaging content, that we believe inWe are part of the revolution speaking out about the benefits of slow fashion, on a mission to prove, it really is cool to care.   

I’m a proud outfit repeater and believer that every little helps when our actions are multiplied. Fashion should never cost the earth. Caring about ethical and sustainable fashion goes hand in hand with caring about the environment. Our actions are all connected.

We don’t hold the answers, but this won’t stop us from asking questions. Who’s with us?

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 Every day we are amazed to see the number of people who really care and we can not wait to connect with you.

Love, Lottie xx


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  1. 16th May 2018 / 11:04 am

    Hi there Lottie. I only just discovered your blog by chance and we couldn’t have more in common! I also come from a Fashion Design background having studied it and done a few internships here and there, hailing from the UK as well. I am taking up a new job soon however whereby I’m officially leaving Fashion…not because I don’t love it no more but because I feel that I need to move on from it. It started with working in the production room seeing all the straps on the floor to watching documentaries like the True Cost and taking some FutureLearn courses…everything changed! In truth, I wish I had learnt about sustainability at university…in fact, I think it should be a mandatory module or something but now, I’m still teaching myself on how I can be more sustainable in my practices both as designer and consumer. Nice to meet you!


    • 17th May 2018 / 11:22 am

      Hi Judy, Wow I love that, so nice to be able to connect with people like yourself online. That we can have this conversation, is the best thing about blogging, making genuine connections, talking about the things we are both passionate about.

      We also didn’t really get taught about sustainability at university, I think they are introducing it more into curriculums now, which is good. If I’d known the full story at uni, I genuinely don’t know if I could have finished the course. I am super happy to be educating myself now, as you are too.

      So nice to meet you! Love your blog!

      Love Lottie xx

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