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Part of running our blog can include receiving beautiful products from brands to review or to feature in shoots. As you may know, the sustainable industry is all about collaborating. We believe that when one sustainable company succeeds we all succeed. Principally only work with brands that aline with our values and our review will always be our own honest opinion. If we have been lucky to have been gifted any items it will say at the bottom of each post. Our aim is to have an authentic and open relationship with our readers.


Affiliate links.

You may sometimes see affiliate links within our articles. This allows us to earn a small amount of money if you click through and purchase an item. Most noteworthy the amount you will pay no more than normal. The bulk of the links are to sites that don’t earn us anything, but that is ok. All the links will be to sites we believe to be worth your time and I am sure that you will agree.


Lets chat.

We welcome open conversations, we love to know what you think about the pieces we write. A lot of time and hard work into each article, we hope you enjoy reading. Feel free to comment if you agree with us, want to tell us what you are up to, share tips with us, or even disagree with us. We request that all comments can be kept in the light-hearted and kind spirit of the blog.


Privacy Policy.

Your privacy is important. Personal information received from our readers will be used for internal purposes only and will never be sold or provided to third parties. This is collected is on a voluntary basis, via signing up to our newsletter or contacting us directly. Details will include your name and email address. We will never spam you. 

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