Acala Has Launched Online And Conscious Consumers Rejoice.


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Acala is the alternative sustainable beauty online store we have been waiting for. Freshly launched this month, Acala has arrived, providing us with the natural health and beauty products we desire, all in one place. The items sold at the online boutique have been strategically selected and vetted by the founder herself so we can buy with ease and confidence. Ranging from organic soaps, sturdy safety razors, biodegradable glitter, zero waste makeup, Acala has covered all bases.

Hanna first found fame in the sustainable community by creating the popular online platform Flor & Cesta, a conscious lifestyle blog. Originally Hanna started this journey to inspire the convenience obsessed city dweller to think about the sustainable options available, instead of reaching for the quickest, often unsustainable option. Launching Acala is the next step in Hanna’s journey, continuing her influence in this field. Helping us to try new products that carry a dramatically smaller environmental footprint.

Greener living is a lifestyle choice, one that is much easier to live by than people may initially think. We have found once we set out down the conscious consumer route, making small changes to our daily lives, it was not long before we caught the bug so to speak. The positive feeling is contagious and spreads to all parts of our lives. 


Into The Eco - Acala Online - Natural Soap - Conscious Consumer


Acala is the online store that can really help us to make the transition, switching to environmentally friendly alternatives, (that are better for us too) and making it easy to find the products we need, deliver them right to our door.

Here at Into The Eco, we were blessed to be able to team up with Acala and be part of the behind the scenes action leading up to the launch. Josh on photography, myself one of three environmentally conscious models and Hanna the vision behind her new and exciting brand. 

It is so refreshing to see a passionate young woman following her business savvy instincts, turning from blogger to eco-entrepreneur. Hanna really is an inspirational person to be around, it was a pleasure to work with her. We had a great day.


Into The Eco - Acala Online - Natural Beauty - Zero Waste

Into The Eco - Acala Online - Natural Beauty - Deodorant


It is an honour to showcase the result of the photoshoot today, alongside an interview with Hanna herself. Keep reading to hear about the journey, it promises to be a fun one. 

ITE: Tell us about your exciting new online store Acala in your own words, and how it came to fruition?

A: It really just came to me in a flash. I had a huge “a-ha” moment a little while ago whilst, of all the glamorous activities, taking out the rubbish. As I tipped it into the chute, I realised that 90% of the waste was from bathroom items.  My brain immediately went, “Wow! That’s just after one week. That’s a lot of accumulated waste per year. Surely the benefits of the ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ properties of these products on my health are being outweighed by the amount of plastic packaging that I am committing to landfill?”

While it may seem like a simple thought, it was the big wake-up call that led me to expand my definition of sustainability and what it really means to consume in a way that is beneficial for your body and the planet combined.

From that moment I started researching products that were not only natural, organic and sustainably sourced but also packaged responsibly. I realised that it is a) not that easy to find those products and b) they’re all from a wide variety of stores, which is a total pain in the bum! Not to mention the additional carbon footprint of getting deliveries from multiple sources. So Acala was born. My goal is to create a viable alternative to high street chain stores such as Boots, where consumers can shop for all their cosmetics and toiletries consciously.


Into The Eco - Acala Online - Eye Mask - Organic - Conscious Consumer

Organic Cotton Eye Mask from ElizaEliza

Into The Eco - Acala Online - Tooth Paste - Zero Waste - Conscious Consumer

Peppermint Toothpaste from Geoorganics


ITE: Great Idea, when did we start needing so much excessive packaging anyways? From a growing expert, how can we all be a little greener in our every day lives? What is your best advice on just getting started?

A: Making the change to living more sustainably can seem overwhelming with the current options we have available. Living more sustainably is definitely a journey and perfectionism is impossible. If you try and do it all once you will paralyse yourself and ultimately end up not do anything (I know I did at first).

I would suggest breaking it down into chunks and focusing on the small achievements that lead to a better bigger picture. An easy start that helps everyone to get through a day zero waste is to buy a reusable cup, reusable water bottle, a solid lunchbox and take their lunch to work with their own cutlery.

If you think you haven’t got time to make your lunch every day the best thing to do is bulk cooking my friends. Cook larger batches and freeze extra portions. This means you always have something ready in the freezer. 


Into The Eco - Acala Online - Safety Razor - Zero Waste - Conscious Consumer

Into The Eco - Acala Online - Tooth Paste - Safety Razor - Conscious Consumer


ITE: We totally agree, those are some really easy starting points. You move so fast Hanna, we can barely keep up, you really do seem to have a talent for getting things done. We want to know what a day in the life of Hanna looks like? Any productivity tips?

A: Haha this question makes me laugh, and yes, Sadly I can say that efficiency is my one true skills in life! Focus is the key. Try not to be too much of a perfectionist. When I start a task, I finish it. I don’t let myself be distracted by the million and one things that pop up along the way; the email notifications that come in, the WhatsApp messages that ping up. And, of course, the Instagram notifications – always the hardest to resist – “oooo I’ve got a new follower”….”

It’s really hard, but it’s worth it. You get through things in record time and the quality is much better as you don’t break your train of thought. On the point of quality, aim for 70% good, not 100%. If you aim for 100% you’ll cripple yourself and never get anything completed or out there.

ITE: Great advice Hanna. You started speaking out about your beliefs about sustainable living on your platform Flor & Cesta. Now not everyone will want to start a blog, but many people do want to influence their peers to make positive changes.
Do you have any advice for anyone reading who wants to spread a positive message but is not sure how?

A: “Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand.” This old Chinese proverb sums it up for me. Start inviting your friends to your favourite local, conscious restaurants, taking them to farmers markets or zero waste stores. Gift them with a Keep Cup. It may sound small and obvious but if we can start to integrate this way of living into more people’s lives in a fun and natural way, this will send a really positive message and get people thinking about their actions.


Into The Eco - Acala Online - Vintage Glasses - Conscious Consumer

Into The Eco - Acala Online - Vintage Glasses - Conscious Consumer

Vintage Sunglasses by Peep Eyewear


ITE: Shoot day was a great day, what did you enjoy most about the day? Do you have a favourite moment you can share with us?

A: Shoot day was SO GREAT! All thanks to my wonderful models and photographer. I loved seeing you all in the festival style makeup. I let them go wild with their looks. That way they felt comfortable with the look and as you can see the results were amazing! Using EcoGlitterFun biodegradable glitter and Zao’s gorgeous summery eyeshadows and lipsticks you all looked fantastic. It was my first time doing a photoshoot so it was all a huge learning curve for me.

I think the favourite moment was having everyone together, having a good laugh!


Into The Eco - Biodegradable Glitter - Conscious Consumer - Festival Style

Into The Eco - Biodegradable Glitter - Conscious Consumer - Festival Style


ITE: You have so many great products, I found it hard to pick which ones to get first. If you can pick, do you have any stand out favourite products?

Really happy to hear you love the selection of products! It’s hard to pick a favourite, but I am a big fan of Zao’s refillable cosmetics, particularly their volume and sheathing mascara, and I love the lips, blush/tint stick from Urbapothecary. It’s perfect for those looking to achieve a zero-waste lifestyle. Then to take it all off again, it has to be La Pepa’s reusable hemp make-up wipes. Hemp is such a wonderfully sustainable material, I only wish it was used more. 

ITE: Although Acala has just launched we have faith that it will go far. You have launched at a great time when people are looking for products to be proud of. What can we expect to see in the future?

A: My goal is for Acala to become a holistic lifestyle brand. Alongside the store, you can look forward to events and workshops to empower you with knowledge of sustainable alternatives to the things in life you love. We hope to make you proud to be part of a movement towards a better future. Events will help people tune into nature and important topics. Giving them a safe space to express themselves and have fun. Having fun is key to life at Acala!

In June I will launch Acala’s monthly sustainable wellbeing events in conjunction with the mindfulness magazine One Aware. In September I will start holding workshops where people can try their hand at making their own toiletries and personal care products.

There will also be some new faces on the team, our green beauty expert Sasha will be giving you monthly makeup tutorials using our products and yoga and holistic wellbeing teacher Ailsa will be keeping you grounded with her monthly content pieces.

From there who knows, maybe you’ll be seeing an Acala wellbeing festival that incorporates all the above in the very near future! I like to dream big!


Into The Eco - Biodegradable Glitter - Conscious Consumer - Festival Style

Into The Eco - Biodegradable Glitter - Conscious Consumer - Festival Style


ITE: Sounds super exciting. Never stop dreaming big. We cannot wait to get involved. Before you go tell us what is your personal motto?

A: You should never regret anything in life. Be true to yourself and if it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s an experience.

Love it. Thank you so much for interviewing with us.

In a world where we all want to look and feel our best, it is great we are learning more about the products we use. The more we know what we are putting on our skin the better we can really feel inside and out. We hope Acala will empower you with knowledge of sustainable alternatives available to us all. When you next need a new cosmetic or hygiene product, think of Acala. Hopefully, they will make you proud to be part of a movement towards a better future.

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Thank you all for reading,

Lots of Love

Into The Eco xx


Photos: Josh John
Products: Acala
Models: Tabo, Ria, Lottie





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  2. 17th May 2018 / 4:53 pm

    Thank you for reading, I am really glad you enjoyed it! Yes of course Josh did the photos, he got some really great ones. Team effort, it was a great day working together.

    Thanks again! Love Lottie xx

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