Wear The Walk Interview – Is Renting The New Buying?


Into The Eco - Slow Fashion - Wear The Walk Photoshoot


In a world that has become addicted to high with speed and constant newness and a clothing industry encouraging overconsumption with no end in sight, Wear the Walk’s approach to fashion is us offering an exciting alternative.

Currently, many of us enjoy buying new clothes on the regular. The rate of current purchasing has proved to keep moving at a relentless rate. Luckily with the rise of awareness of the harm this style of buying has caused, there has also been a rise in more socially responsible substitutes. 

Wear The Walk offers exciting stand out fashion pieces on a rental basis at affordable prices. Zoe the founder believes in making the normally exclusive attitudes of high fashion accessible to us all, without the high ticket price tag.

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‘Worn It 30 Times’ With Sally From My Eco Edit


Into The Eco - Worn It 30 Times - Sally


Guest Post


Worn it 30 times is a series we have started, highlighting the joy of wearing our beloved clothes at least 30 wears or more, with help from our favourite bloggers. Everyone’s choice of clothes is unique and we can’t wait to see what garments make us all into proud outfit repeaters. Our aim is to showcase the slow fashion movement through the famous 30 wears challenge. Throughout this series, we hope to show how easy it is to become happier and more sustainable through our clothes. This week the gorgeous Sally from My Eco Edit is sharing her favourite ‘Worn It 30 Times’ piece. 

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Culture Over Consumption – Sustainable Photoshoot


Into The Eco - Culture Over Consumption - Sustainable Photoshoot


Welcome to our first collaborative photoshoot.

We decided to produce a fashion photoshoot showcasing sustainable design and our eco values. We did this by sourcing the clothes from ethical and sustainable sources and using a model who lives by her eco-conscious ideals.  

As a whole, this shoot was a great example of how welcoming and collaborative the sustainable community is proving to be. Starting this shoot with only an idea, we began to send around a few emails, which lead to a couple of meetups. Ending with some lovely new connections, stories, great photos and a super proud feeling inside. We are so happy to share the results with you today and some of our inspiration behind the shoot. 

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How To Love Yourself More With The 30 Wears Challenge.


Into The Eco - Love Your Clothes - Slow Fashion


Since we posted our original article talking about the 30 wears challenge last year we have been ecstatic with the positive response it received. It has been the most popular post we have shared so far and it was lovely to see people really engaging with the positive idea of loving our clothes.

Many of our friends and colleges said to me in passing comments, “I have definitely worn this more than 30 times” and it made me so happy. This is what Into The Eco is all about, talking about everyday issues and hopefully making it feel approachable and engaging. What is more engaging than our content, creating conversations in the real world? I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read. We hope you like this one just as much, if not more.

In the spirit of inspiring the 30 wears movement further, we are keeping the conversation flowing. Do you ever feel that some fashion bloggers and retailers make us think that buying new clothes is necessary to feel at our best? They might even make us feel we need to look a certain way to feel good about ourselves? If you have ever felt that way we are here to offer a fresh perspective.

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Ever Wondered What To Do With Your Old Clothes? Here is A Quick Guide


Into The Eco - Love Not Landfill Event


Hey me again, here to tell you about the humdrum subject of what the best things to do with our old unwanted clothes. Until earlier this year I was not sure what the best advice to give was on the topic. I always wondered what happened to our old clothes after we put them in the recycling bins. Did anyone even come and collect them? Call me sad but I genuinely did think to myself, who empties these bins, where does it go, and what happens then?

Well in April this year I had the pleasure of attending a swap & style event held by Love Not Landfill. I had such a nice afternoon at LMB Textile Recyclers in East London, and all of my above questions conveniently got answered. I thought it deserved writing up because sharing is caring.

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