Ethical Fashion In Cambodia. Lottie Meets Fairsew




The next edition to our “Lottie Meets” series is here and that makes me really happy. This one is very special. During our recent trip to Cambodia, we had the pleasure to tie in a visit with Fairsew, an independent business and proud branded manufacturer based in the capital city of Cambodia.

Early in the morning, we made the 6-hour journey on the coach from Siem Reap to Phenom Penh. As we bounced along the Cambodian roads, we passed lines of palm trees, lush green rice fields as far as the eye could see and colourful houses on stilts. As the capital city crept into view we started spotting many more high-rise buildings, offering an interesting contrast. Buzzing, traffic-filled wide roads, running through a modern hub with its charm still intact. In comparison to Siem Reap, Phenom Penh has a metropolitan feel which we enjoyed. After weeks of seeing more rural areas, it felt good to be in a busy city again.

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Hi I am Lottie, and I am a Procrastinator


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There I said it. I know I am not the only one, who sometimes struggles with fear and self-doubt. But, the mean little voice in my head sure makes me feel like I am. Saying, everyone else’s work is better than mine, I don’t have enough followers, you know the drill.

This is a different kind of article you are used to reading, but I need to go back to basics. I started this blog to provide a cathartic space to write and feel better, to be honest, and relaxed. I wanted to lay my soul bare and hope someone might read and relate. So, I am being brutally honest to enable myself to progress. I guess there is no time like the present. 

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Stay Hydrated Anywhere And Look After Planet Earth With Water-To-Go


We drink tap water abroad and live to tell the tale. So far we have drunk tap water from Bali, Cambodia and India, with not one single complaint. In the past, this sounds like a recipe for disaster. Envisioning a holiday spent cradling the toilet rather than out exploring. Well, thanks to Water-To-Go, we can all safely and conveniently stay hydrated anywhere in the world. 

It is quite incredible. W2G has engineered a small portable water filter that removes over 99.9% of all microbiological contaminants including microplastics. This little bottle has journeyed with us everywhere, as you can see from our video filmed in Cambodia.

We are all starting to realise that plastic is not so fantastic. Thanks to modern worldwide media sharing, exhibiting the reality of our reliance on short-term conveniences. We see photos and videos of overflowing landfills, plastic waste cluttering coastlines and floating in our oceans on a daily basis. It is pretty repulsive, I am sure we can all agree. Out of sight is definitely not out of mind anymore.

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Bali: Eat, Pray, Recycle



We love to travel. We also love to recycle. In modern life, it’s more common than ever to travel across the world and visit places different to our own. In search of adventure, culture, and stories to share. We believe it’s so important to consider the impact we have on each place when visiting. Watch how Keep Bali Beautiful is doing just that.

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17 Easy Swaps For Zero Waste Travel



What is Zero Waste Week?

Zero Waste Week has just come to an end. It is a grassroots campaign that takes place every year on the first week of September, raising awareness all over the world about the environmental impact of waste. Empowering us to reduce our own waste and changing old daily habits hopefully all year round.

The campaign lasts for one week and has been surprisingly easy for us. We were really prepared, ready for our trip away. That is all it takes to start, a little prep and forward planning. Long term, the campaign asks us all to consider if we can do better. Challenging people all over the world to dramatically reduce their waste, for good.

Can you do better? The answer is normally yes. In a world literally drowning in plastic, there are so many small easy swaps, that make a difference.

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