Bali: Eat, Pray, Recycle



We love to travel. We also love to recycle. In modern life, it’s more common than ever to travel across the world and visit places different to our own. In search of adventure, culture, and stories to share. We believe it’s so important to consider the impact we have on each place when visiting. Watch how Keep Bali Beautiful is doing just that.

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17 Easy Swaps For Zero Waste Travel



What is Zero Waste Week?

Zero Waste Week has just come to an end. It is a grassroots campaign that takes place every year on the first week of September, raising awareness all over the world about the environmental impact of waste. Empowering us to reduce our own waste and changing old daily habits hopefully all year round.

The campaign lasts for one week and has been surprisingly easy for us. We were really prepared, ready for our trip away. That is all it takes to start, a little prep and forward planning. Long term, the campaign asks us all to consider if we can do better. Challenging people all over the world to dramatically reduce their waste, for good.

Can you do better? The answer is normally yes. In a world literally drowning in plastic, there are so many small easy swaps, that make a difference.

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Back To Basics : Life On The Road

Lake Tahoe - Into The Eco - Life On The Road - Travel - Natural Beauty

Since posting about our travels around California last year, we have received a lot of questions. Asking how we got around and travel tips we can share. I love writing about our American adventure, so I’m more than happy to talk about our time spent on the road. I hope it helps answer any questions people may have, and inspires you to take a trip of your own.

While Josh and I were on our travels we stopped at some great places (read about Yosemite and San Francisco) but most of our time was generally spent on the road, seeing what some might say the real America. Travelling with destinations in mind and stopping off where ever took our fancy along the way. This might be some peoples idea of hell, but we enjoyed the freedom and the challenge of going back to basics for a while.

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If You’re Going To San Francisco



Earlier this year Josh and I embarked on a pretty epic American road trip. Although we could only spend just over two weeks travelling due to our jobs, we sure did pack lots into our adventurous trip around California, Nevada and Arizona.

Everything I previously knew about the west coast was very abstract, I have seen the cliché of LA beaches and the famous Yosemite mountains on my computer screen, but the reality of seeing these places first hand was so much more than we could ever have expected, and the journey itself was filled with challenges. I genuinely think our lives will forever be enhanced because of these experiences and I hope you enjoy reading.

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Into The Eco - Yosemite - Travel


When planning our road trip sat on our warm comfy sofa in November, Yosemite was one of the places on the agenda I was most excited to visit.

Maybe it is because as a Mac user at work and at home, I see the beautiful El Capitan mountain entering my subconscious every day. It could also be the lovely Ansel Adams book we have in our flat, featuring the mountains in black and white beautiful imagery. Either way, I couldn’t believe we were about to embark on a trip where we would be able to see them for ourselves, first hand. What a privilege!

These are the kinds of trips that someone like me always dreams of taking, I honestly never thought I would actually get to make these dreams a reality. When we finally made it there driving into Yosemite felt no less like a dream, I felt like a child looking at everything with amazement and awe. In all my life I have never seen such beautiful landscapes. View Post