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Enter EcoStardust. A brilliant new business bringing us biodegradable eco glitter, with one mission, to raise awareness of environmental issues through their fabulous glitter. Encouraging the mindset that small purchasing changes can mean a lot when thought about collectively.

Wait, there’s more, not only are they providing us with great quality eco glitter in a range of vibrant and fun colours, they also aim to give back to the world, by donating 10% of their net profits to environmental charities. Thanks to EcoStardust doing all the hard work it means we can relax and just enjoy, and let’s face it when covering ourselves in glitter, enjoyment is key.

Glitter is one of the biggest growing festival trends today. No one can deny it is a feast for the eyes. The power a trend like this truly holds though is its ability to put us all in a fun carefree frame, who says face paint is just for kids? Unfortunately though as we are coming to realise, often big trends do come with consequences and glitter is no exception.





Before we get to the fun bit of interviewing EcoStardust, we would like to discuss why being conscious about our plastic consumption is becoming so important, by talking about a few facts we are starting to learn about the negative effects microplastics can have on the environment.

Conventional glitter consists of thousands of tiny pieces of metallic plastic, which will never break down. Glitter is now considered to be as harmful as the microbeads we have all campaigned to be banned from our beauty products. Microplastic is one of the worst kinds of plastic and accounts for 85% of plastic found in the environment. So small in size it allows them to be ingested by the tiniest of organisms, and this is posing huge problems for aquatic life and consequently, us. Once you have heard these facts that was it for us, biodegradable glitter is the only viable option.

So this is why companies with a conscious edge are such a breath of fresh air today. EcoStardust’s story is only just beginning and we are very pleased to have a new go-to brand for all of our glittery needs. We are also really pleased that they have made the time to do a quick Q&A with us today, in the hope that we can help spread the word of their good glitter! We recently attended Wilderness Festival this summer so have included some of the pictures we took there while wearing their glitter.


IMG_5572 (1)



So without further ado, I would love to welcome the owner of EcoStardust.

ITE: Hi Kath, can you tell us a bit about you, Introduce yourself and EcoStardust:

ES: Hi, I am based in Bristol but grew up in Glastonbury, so I am a festival goer who is passionate about the environment and love love love wearing glitter and bindi’s whatever the event. I started EcoStardust, a biodegradable glitter company last year and our company mission is to raise awareness of environmental issues through eco glitter while giving back to the world, by giving 10% of net profits to environmental charities and bodies.

ITE: Wow growing up in Glastonbury, that must have been fun! I must admit it was only recently I personally found out about the harmful effects non-biodegradable glitter can have on the environment. When and how did you first find out about the need for Biodegradable glitter and what spurred you on to start your own company?

ES: I was buying glitter in bulk for my 30th Birthday party last year and that is when I realised what glitter was made from and that I was actually harming the environment by using it. Therefore I set out on a quest for an alternative to conventional glitter and that is how EcoStardust was born!





ITE: As mentioned earlier glitter is the biggest make up trend when attending a festival today for women and men. You exhibit at a lot of festivals, painting peoples faces with your biodegradable glitter. Do you get a positive response for having a sustainable edge?

ES: Yes always, however not many people realise this about us at first. We get a lot of people who know about the harmful effects of glitter before they come to us and they are really excited by what we are doing, however, there are also people who don’t know about the effects of normal glitter.  It is great to chat with these people while we do their glitter make up and explain to them the harm which normal glitter does and letting them know about our product. They normally leave sparkly and converted.

ITE: Amazing! Can you tell us about a particular positive interaction which has stood out for you?

ES: It is always great working with people at festivals but it is always my favourite when you finally show them their glitter make up when it is finished and their eyes light up and they just scream how much they love it. It is a great feeling. A little girl we glittered got so excited she ran off straight away to show her mum without paying. They came back a little while later once she had calmed down to pay, it was so cute though.

ITE: Haha, how sweet. Alternatively, have you had any negative reactions, and does this surprise you?

ES: We’ve had people ask us if the product is truly biodegradable and if it is a scam, this hurt as we are wanting to make a positive change on the world through our product so dislike the thought of people thinking of us in this way. However, I understand people may have questions so I am always happy to chat with people when they ask us this and explain what we are all about, this then normally changes their view of us to a positive one.

ITE: We recently went to Wilderness festival that is where we put your glitters into action. You must be a festival fan? What is the best festival you have ever been too?

ES: I am a big festival fan, especially as I grew up just outside of Glastonbury, therefore I have been going to Glastonbury for years and absolutely love it. However my favourite festival this year was Port Eliot where the whole team had a great time and definitely want to go back next year. I think I am edging more towards the smaller festivals these days which have a more community feel.





ITE: Thanks for the tip, we will be sure to check that out next year, love community vibes. When I received your glitter in the post it came with a nice leaflet explaining how biodegradable glitter is better for the environment, I like your slogan “You can still glitter, without the litter” can you explain to us more about how biodegradable glitter works and why it is so much better than normal glitter?

ES: Normal conventional glitter is made of PET plastic and will take hundreds of years to biodegrade and might contain toxic chemicals. Our glitter is made from a plant cellulose, normally derived from sustainably farmed non-GMO Eucalyptus Trees and does not contain any toxic chemicals. It is certified waste water safe and marine safe so you can glitter without the litter or guilt!

ITE: That is true, I felt much less guilty using your product. Tell us as well as changing the way we use glitter, are you eco-conscious in your daily life? Would you classify yourself as a conscious consumer?

ES: Very much so. I have always been conscious and tried to be careful about the kind of products I buy and where I buy them from, however, over the past few years I have been really trying to change the way I consume things. Things are moving in the right direction, although there is still a way to go, especially for making biodegradable or eco packaging more widely available.

ITE: Have you got any top tips for getting the best results when applying glitter?

ES: We are formulating our own vegan application gel but for now I recommend using un-petroleum jelly. Just apply the gel where you would like the glitter to stick and then pop the glitter on top using your finger or a makeup brush for a more controlled application. I always start with a standard or fine size glitter and layer up to the chunkier glitters on top. Or if I want an easier look I just use one of our signature blends and I only need to apply one coat then.


Unicorn Mixed Colour EcoStardust

ITE: Good tips, that is one thing I found with your mixed glitters, it was really easy to make them look great when applying, which is awesome for us amateurs. Another great thing about your glitters is that you mix different colours together in one pot, giving us extra cool options. It must be hard to choose but which is your favourite colour glitter in the range?

ES: Ooh this is a tough one! If I had to pick one it would probably be Nebula as it has a lot of my favourite colours in, however, my favourite single colour glitter is Lavender. I don’t think the website does it justice and it has a beautiful shine on it.


Lavender Single Colour EcoStardust

ITE:  I can understand why it was difficult to choose, there are too many great colours.
Is there anyone who in particular person you would love to see wearing eco stardust?

ES: If I am honest then there is no particular one person. I just want to see as many people switching away from conventional glitter to biodegradable glitter as possible. Every new customer or image of someone wearing our glitter makes the team happy.

ITE: That is so true, the more the merrier! What are your goals for EcoStardust in the future?

ES: We’d like to increase our selection of glitters and range of products while also improving our packaging options and the way we work, in order to limit waste and our impact on the environment. I’d love to be able to support more charities through the money we raise and continue to promote environmental awareness and sustainable business.

Thanks again for your time Ruth, we really appreciate it. I hope you all enjoyed reading this interview as much as we enjoyed doing it. So when you next head up a festival or any occasion when you think glitter will be fun, let’s face it who needs an excuse? I hope you can consider a more environmentally friendly option, and buy from a company like EcoStardust who are putting positivity at the core of their business. To view the full range of their products click here.

Lots of Love, Into The Eco

Peace Out xx

Into The Eco - Festival Fashion - Eco Glitter

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