Stay Hydrated Anywhere And Look After Planet Earth

We drink tap water abroad and live to tell the tale. So far we have drunk tap water from Bali, Cambodia and India, with not one single complaint. In the past, this sounds like a recipe for disaster. Envisioning a holiday spent cradling the toilet rather than out exploring. Well, thanks to Water-To-Go, we can all safely and conveniently stay hydrated anywhere in the world. 

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‘Worn It 30 Times’ With Elly From Take It Up Wear It Out

Worn It 30 Times - Take It Up Wear It Out

Guest Post

Worn it 30 times is a series we’ve put together, highlighting the joy of wearing our clothes 30 times and more. With help from our favorite bloggers, we will show the outfits turning us all into proud outfit repeaters. Passionate about showcasing the slow fashion movement? The famous 30 wears challenge is a great place to start. We hope to show how we can all become happier and more sustainable through our clothing choices. This week it is the turn of Elly, from Take It Up Wear It Out.  


Conventional fashion wisdom suggests that impulse purchases are unlikely to remain in your wardrobe for more than a few months, let alone a few years. The same style advisors would probably also try to discourage you from buying anything when you are abroad and have been day drinking. But, I like to defy conventional fashion rules. That’s why a sparkly cheesecloth dress has been a much-loved part of my summer wardrobe for thirteen years.

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Bali: Eat, Pray, Recycle



We love to travel. We also love to recycle. In modern life, it’s more common than ever to travel across the world and visit places different to our own. In search of adventure, culture, and stories to share. We believe it’s so important to consider the impact we have on each place when visiting. Watch how Keep Bali Beautiful is doing just that.

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6 Reasons Why Natural Fibres Are Just Better


Natural Fabric Red Linen Dress - Into The Eco


We are more aware than ever before about the ways modern fashion negatively affects the environment. People all over the world are experiencing an environmental awakening when it comes to our clothing choices. We can’t talk about sustainable clothing without discussing the cloth garments are made from. Agreed?

Selecting a fabric is one of the first steps in the design process. Determining how the final garment will look, feel, and cost. Over the years fabrics have been adapted to meet the rise in demand and the plummeting costs of clothing.

Where ever we are in the world, whether we like it or not, we all need to wear clothes. Cultural norms differ but that will always remain the same. If like us, you’re a bit of a geek, you’ll know there is a lot of speculation circulating as to what fabrics have the least environmental impact, meaning they are the best to use.

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Is Sustainability Saving Fashion?


Sustainable Fashion - Elle Magazine


September is a big month for fashion, its Fashion Month. All over the world hundreds of shows will take place, setting the trends for the coming season. This September we are asking big questions about a sustainable fashion future. We also took advantage of being in a location with a pool.

Though out our lives we take stock and ask ourselves important questions. Is our life taking the shape we want or are we rushing through life? Are we getting caught up in short-term goals, instead of looking at the bigger picture? This is the question I asked myself recently and I found the answer was a resounding, yes, to the later. So I thought it is time we start asking the same questions to the industries that serve us.

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