Are You Ready To Take “The 30 Wears” Challenge?


Into The Eco - 30 Wears Challenge - Slow Fashion


Today we are discussing slow fashion and offering some pointers on how to begin the slow journey for yourself, right now. Starting with the 30 wears challenge. The good news is we are on the journey with you every step of the way and so are many others. So you are definitely not alone in this process. Yay.

We know how hard it is to make a conscious effort to slow down our buying habits. We are surrounded by advertisements on a daily basis specifically designed to make us want more, even if we don’t need it. The slow fashion movement is about resisting these overly tempting traps, ending our fast fashion habits and making the most out of our clothes. Most importantly choosing our clothes for love over lust and quality over quantity. Within this article, we are featuring some of our most loved clothes, worn way more than 30 times. 


Into The Eco - 30 Wears - Slow Fashion


My fav outfit of the summer, good for mix and matching, and generally feeling like a big kid

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Changing The World One Spec Of Glitter At A Time : Interview With EcoStardust.


Into The Eco - Festival Fashion - Eco Glitter


What Do We Want?
Biodegradable Glitter!
When Do We Want It?

Enter EcoStardust. A brilliant new business bringing us biodegradable eco glitter, with one mission, to raise awareness of environmental issues through their fabulous glitter. Encouraging the mindset that small purchasing changes can mean a lot when thought about collectively.

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Our Morning with Ruby and Rosie (The Allotment)


Into The Eco - Allotment Fun


One sunny bank holiday weekend, my lovely friend Ruby invited us to join her at her allotment, which we have Nicknamed Rosie. We chose the name Rosie as there are some lovely white roses growing on her patch and who doesn’t love a nickname. Ruby picked us up in her car in the morning, then just a short car ride away we arrived at our destination, ready to get our hands dirty. Walking through the old rusty gate and into the area filled with people’s homegrown goodies, we felt transported from the hustle and bustle of London life to a peaceful sanctuary for urban growers.

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If You’re Going To San Francisco



Earlier this year Josh and I embarked on a pretty epic American road trip. Although we could only spend just over two weeks travelling due to our jobs, we sure did pack lots into our adventurous trip around California, Nevada and Arizona.

Everything I previously knew about the west coast was very abstract, I have seen the cliché of LA beaches and the famous Yosemite mountains on my computer screen, but the reality of seeing these places first hand was so much more than we could ever have expected, and the journey itself was filled with challenges. I genuinely think our lives will forever be enhanced because of these experiences and I hope you enjoy reading.

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What Do Loved Shoes Look Like?


Into The Eco - Loved Shoes - Dr Martens


Those who know me, know that I don’t go many places without a pair of a trusty Dr Martens on my little feet. This pair in particular! They look very different now from when I first bought them. Fresh out of the store they were shiny silver, almost mirror-like, but over time they have cracked and scuffed, the laces have become frayed and threadbare and the soles are wearing thin.


dr martens new shoes shiny

This is one of the only pictures I have of them in all their shiny glory


Those age lines only make me love them more. I love that they look well worn like they have been on a journey, they tell more of a story than the fresh shiny pair they once were, and they have come to represent me. So I would like to show them to you, my most loved and most worn item, probably ever.

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Into The Eco - Yosemite - Travel


When planning our road trip sat on our warm comfy sofa in November, Yosemite was one of the places on the agenda I was most excited to visit.

Maybe it is because as a Mac user at work and at home, I see the beautiful El Capitan mountain entering my subconscious every day. It could also be the lovely Ansel Adams book we have in our flat, featuring the mountains in black and white beautiful imagery. Either way, I couldn’t believe we were about to embark on a trip where we would be able to see them for ourselves, first hand. What a privilege!

These are the kinds of trips that someone like me always dreams of taking, I honestly never thought I would actually get to make these dreams a reality. When we finally made it there driving into Yosemite felt no less like a dream, I felt like a child looking at everything with amazement and awe. In all my life I have never seen such beautiful landscapes. View Post