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Into The Eco - Weekly Planner - Free Weekly Planners


Today, I’m talking about tackling our to-do lists in style. You will see throughout this post we have had a bit of fun with this topic. I’ve put together some cute weekly planners. They’ve helped me out a lot over the last two months. Keeping us on top of our day to day and pushing us to achieve our goals. They are un-dated print outs meaning we can to start getting organised at any time. We want you to have them for free!

Personally, I am lost without my diary. I’ve always been a bit old school in this respect. Like many creatives, I’m a very visual person, so a paper planner is essential. Most of us have some form of electronic calendar on our phones or computers, but I still heavily rely on writing things down. Putting pen to paper keeps me sane by releasing the thoughts from my head and just generally remembering the important stuff.

Do you spend all your time making to-do lists, bouching from task to task and never feeling like you’ve accomplished your big goals? Running your own life, blog or business can feel overwhelming. It is time to take productivity into our own hands.

Writing by hand forces us to slow down and become more mindful, and research suggests that writing things by hand helps us to retain information. This is definitely true for me. I’ve never been a naturally organised person, like most things I have to work at it. 

Into The Eco - Weekly Planner - Free Weekly Planners


Times are changing.

Lately, my life has gone through some major changes, and the routines that have kept me busy for the last 6 years have been changed dramatically. I walked away from my 9 till 6 job as a fashion designer, to take what I am calling, a career break. (There are many factors which led me to this decision, which I will discuss in greater detail someday when the time is right.)

This statement may sound blasé, but it is honestly one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made. Plus, don’t be fooled by the word “break”, I’m working harder than ever, but this time for myself. Now, our aim is to see so more of the world and focus full time on the blog, working collaboratively with other people and testing our capabilities every day.


Into The Eco - Weekly Planner - Free Weekly Planners


Why I Created The Planners.

All of a sudden my list of things to do became endless, with sorting out moving away from our London flat, researching and booking our trip, arranging meet-ups with fellow bloggers and brands, writing articles, posting on Instagram, seeing all of our friends before leaving…the list goes on.

There was never a more important moment to become a master of my own time. I needed to get organised, fast. So, when my fear of being overwhelmed, met my geeky love of creating things on illustrator, I sat down and put together these fun weekly planners.

I enjoyed making them and in doing so, the idea didn’t feel as intimidating anymore. Writing things down methodically at the beginning of the week has really helped me visualise what I need to do, then actually do it. I have really noticed the difference they have made.


Into The Eco - Weekly Planner - Free Weekly Planners

Into The Eco - Weekly Planner - Free download


How To Use Them.

There are 4 different coloured pages, 1 week per page, this will see you through for a month.

Each day has a fun or inspirational quote at the bottom. In the hope of adding a smile to your face each day, even better if they also help you to reach your goals.

Mark the week commencing date at the top of the page, and in the individual date in coloured boxes each day, crossing them off at the end of the day, when you’ve completed all your tasks.

The size of the boxes helps to stay realistic, refraining from writing pages and pages of to-do lists, that never seem to get done.

At the side, there is a to-do, where you can write a list of the most urgent little tasks. Things you don’t want to forget, like put a load of washing on so I have pants to wear tomorrow. You know, important stuff.

Then there is the ‘top goals’ section. Here, write the projects that will take more time. Often, these are the things we have been putting off starting. Writing it down as a goal helps to “swallow that frog,” so to speak. Trust me, when it gets done and you can cross it off, it feels truly epic.

Make sure to print them double-sided, helping to save on the paper usage. I often write in pencil, so I can rub notes out, change things around and reuse them again.


Into The Eco - Weekly Planner - Free Weekly Planners

Into The Eco - Weekly Planner - Free download


Get Yourself A Copy.

We believe that sharing is caring and want to pass these on to you, so we are gifting them to all of our lovely email subscribers. Once you subscribe via the link below, you can download your own weekly planners straight away, via the link provided. Just follow through and it will all become self-explanatory. We will be sending out a monthly newsletter at the end of every month, and this month is the very first one. Exciting times.

Spread the word if you know anyone who would find these useful, or will enjoy our content. We are so grateful to have you on this journey with us and promise never to spam.

Let me know your thoughts and feedback about the planners, how can we make them even better and more helpful? You will be helping us right back. I am thinking of adding a section to say what you are grateful for that week, as a reminder to stay thankful for the small things.


Into The Eco - Weekly Planner - Free Weekly Planners


My aim is to make getting organised fun, I hope you enjoy using them, as much as I do. Do you have any great organisational tips? Please let us know in the comments below.

Click here to subscribe and get the full use of the planners for yourself. Enjoy.


Love Lottie xx

Into The Eco


Into The Eco - Weekly Planner - Free download



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