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About a month ago at the hight of the British heat wave, we made our way to south London to meet Sophie Dunster, the brains behind the ethical brand, Gung Ho. Today, we are sharing the video while there. Sophie was kind enough to show us her beautiful container studio, and her quirky home on a houseboat.

Sophie’s designs are vibrant and interesting much like herself. Her colourful personality and passion comes through in all of her designs. Having been raised living a low carbon lifestyle, it’s no surprise that Sophie has made it her mission to push the boundaries of sustainable fashion.

We are on a mission to prove that fashion can help bring about positive change. Gung Ho helps people to make an impact in their daily lives, which is something we really love and talk about, like, all the time.

A bit of background info.


Gung Ho - Turtle Sketch - Plastic Ocean


The brand was born through Sophie’s love for political art. I was in awe of her talent as a drawer and painter. Naturally, political art is made to be seen, so in the spirit of this, Sophie had a great idea. Instead of reserving her work for the walls of our homes, it can be printed onto clothing and worn in public.

Better still, it can start conversations, which is a major aim of each collection. Centred on a cause, or ‘Talking Point,’ such as the importance of insects and the impact of pesticides, or raising awareness about the benefits of eating seasonally. To help aid conversation, every garment comes with its very own cute mini-zine, giving a few key facts on the issue at hand. This is one of the reasons we went and actually had a conversation in person, it just felt right.

A couple of hours flew by while we talked over coffee about everything Gung Ho. Our main topic was about the current ‘plastic oceans’ collection. Inspired by the very relevant topic of plastic being not so fantastic. Watch our video to hear much more in-depth chat about this. With every purchase, Sophie promises to donate £5 to a charity campaigning against plastic pollution. This is brilliant, as it means all the hard work is done.

Want to get involved?


Gung Ho Ethical Brand Fish Prints


Fashion is about self-expression, so if like us, you care about how clothes are produced, this is a seriously great brand. Above all Gung Ho is beautiful handmade clothing. Hooray, now we can not only wear what we love, but what we believe in. The aim of Gung Ho is to be more than a fashionable ethical brand. Sophie envisions it becoming a social movement, a community and everyone really is welcome. 

For those interested in getting involved, Sophie organises monthly beach cleans along the Thames. People of all ages and interests come and do their small part to make a difference. Followed by drinks, making it a great way to meet new people and have fun, whilst doing something positive. Follow them on Instagram for updates, they always have some fun events going on, and check out the website to shop the collection. 

Overall, I was totally blown away by the beautiful prints, colour and emotion behind the brand. So, I would like to say a huge thank you to Sophie for having us. We had a blast being welcomed into this creative word. You will have to forgive us a couple of continuity errors, I kept taking my jacket on and off. It was so hot. Apart from that, we are sure you will enjoy watching and learning more. 

PS. Save one of these sweatshirts for me, when we come back from our travels I think it is time to invest in a really beautiful piece that I would be so proud to wear. 


Love, Lottie xx

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Video by: Josh John

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