Clothing Love Story: These Vintage Sunglasses.

I love telling people the story about becoming the proud owner of these vintage sunglasses. I’ve been wearing them all through my travels, they make me feel so cool and unique. They really stand out, but it was a journey.

A Year Ago in Muswell Hill.

Muswell Hill is the cute area of North London we call home. I love this area, it is quiet and has a village vibe about it. I lived here for 4 years of my London life, I made friends and a hell of a lot of stores there. Most importantly it was the first place Josh and I lived together.

We had a small flat with dark red carpets, an adult bunk bed, a tiny kitchen, but we made it our own and were genuinely happy. Best of all you could chill out at weekends, ambling around the many great charity shops in the area looking for gems. My favourites shops were two vintage stores based down a hidden mews. (Can’t By Me Love and ChaChaCha Vintage)

These are the kind of stores that have an eclectic mix of items, you can go have a good chat with the owners and leave feeling chuffed to bits with your purchase. Originally, I didn’t buy these glasses. No, I didn’t steal them. I traded them.



It started with a dress.

One Halloween I rescued a vintage dress from the chuck out pile from work, it was perfect for my Freda Kahlo costume. I put together my best costume ever, without purchasing a single new thing. I made a pretty good Freda with pom-poms and flowers in my hair and of course the famous unibrow. After Halloween was over I knew I wouldn’t want to wear this again as it wasn’t my style. Rather than giving it to charity my first point of call was to donate it a vintage store.

While browsing I was eyeing up these glasses and was contemplating buying them.  I wasn’t sure if I could pull them off at first. When I asked the owner if she would like the dress she agreed to take it, which I was very pleased about, and let me have the glasses as a fair trade. Not going to lie, I walked out feeling like a movie star.



It was Love at First Sight.

Everything about them, I loved the pink colour, the shape of the lenses, imagining the story behind them. My friends all wanted to borrow them which is, in my opinion, the best compliment. The only downside, they were not actually sunglasses, more like costume glasses, made of thin plastic lenses that were very scratched and 100% not UV friendly. In fact, they were probably doing my eyes more harm than good, but I wore them regardless.


Vintage Sunglasses


The accident.

Spring passed and summer was in full swing, I wore them to attend a day festival in East London. Drinks were had and dancing proceed. The XX were headlining, nice relaxing band, right? Well, we were having such a good time somehow we managed to form some sort of dance ring where we all ran in together.

My beloved glasses fell off my head and got lost in the crowd. It was dark and crowded, so I had no hope of finding them, of course, I was having fun but felt gutted. Already quite fragile I knew if I did find them they would most probably be broken.

As the evening drew to a close we began to leave the field and low and behold I found them on the floor. As I thought, the frames bent out of shape and the lenses smashed. Basically, ruined. I picked them up and put them in my bag.

Time passed and I was still sad about my cool broken “sunglasses”, I felt guilty breaking them so quickly. I’d heard of a company called Peep Eyewear that restore and sell vintage glasses so I got in touch on Twitter. I messaged to ask if they knew anyone who could repair old glasses. You can imagine how thrilled I was when Jo, the owner, replied and said yes she did know someone, and that someone was her.



Peep Eyewear to the Rescue.

They found the exact cat eye lens shape and dyed them to match the colour of the old plastic lenses. Jo managed to bend the frames back into shapes and gave them a bit of a polish. Above all, the best part was the new lenses were fully UV protecting so now I could wear them as real glasses, not just toys. Yay!

What a wonderful community, I had found someone so easily. Jo was a pleasure to deal with and talked me through everything, delivering exactly as promised.

To be honest, I’m glad that they broke in the long run. Even though it cost a fair amount to fix them, it was totally worth it. I find it really hard to find glasses which suit me and I needed to invest in a decent pair. My heart was set on restoring them, putting them on every day makes me happy.


Vintage Sunglasses


Tell us your Fav Story.

What is your favourite fashion story? Do you have any pieces with a fun anecdote? Any item you have owned for so long it has many stories to tell? Have you ever fixed anything back to its former glory? Let us know in the comments.

These vintage sunglasses rose-tint my world and protect my eyes. I am still very grateful for the Peep team for creating a very happy ending to this fashion story. This was a long overdue blog post, I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I love to tell it.

Love, Lottie xx

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  1. 9th April 2019 / 8:23 pm

    Such a great story behind the sunglasses! And you’re a natural model in those photos, by the way 🙂

    • intotheeco
      12th April 2019 / 8:30 am

      Thank you for reading Christy. It is not very often you go on a journey with something so seemingly so simple. I hope it sends the message that our pieces are worth repairing. I am glad it comes across that way, but I give most of the credit to Josh for the photos, he manages to get the best out of me. xxx

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