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Worn it 30 times is a series we’ve put together, highlighting the joy of wearing our beloved clothes 30 times or more. With help from our favourite bloggers, we will show the outfits turning us all into proud outfit repeaters. We are passionate about showcasing the slow fashion movement, and the famous 30 wears challenge is a great place to start. Throughout this series, we hope to show how we can all become happier and more sustainable through our clothes. This week we hear from one of our favs,  Laura, from The Green Edition.  


Into The Eco - 30 Wears - Slow Fashion


Hello, I’m Laura from The Green Edition- where I share tips and inspiration for a more sustainable wardrobe. There’s so much fun, beautiful and well-designed sustainably made clothes nowadays. It is possible to wear the clothes you love and still be sustainable and that is what I try to point out on The Green Edition.

When I first started to think about sustainability in fashion, I came across the 30 wears movement. For anyone who doesn’t know the concept – basically, ask yourself before purchasing a piece of clothing if you are likely to wear it at least 30 times. I realised I had a wardrobe full of clothes that I didn’t enjoy wearing – shirts that pulled, itchy knits and t-shirts that had shrunk. These were all clothes that had been bought without much thought. They looked good enough in the changing room but inevitably didn’t fit well enough for me to enjoy wearing them. In effect, they were bad purchases and I couldn’t commit to wearing them 30 times.


Into The Eco - 30 Wears - Slow Fashion


Fast forward to 2018 and my wardrobe has changed dramatically! I donated all the clothes that weren’t working for me. And now when I buy new clothes, I take care to ensure I will actually enjoy wearing them before I buy. And hopefully, this will mean I can wear them frequently without them falling apart. I like to mix up ethical brands with vintage when I’m bringing anything new into my wardrobe. Of course, I still make mistakes, but much less than before.

I wear this blouse every summer without fail. It’s a simple top but looks good styled up in different ways, I don’t need to iron it and it’s perfect for easy summer days. It’s not from an ethical brand, but sustainability is about much more than that. Wearing clothing regularly promotes the idea that it’s okay to repeat our outfits. The less clothing we throw out into landfill, the better for the environment.


Into The Eco - 30 Wears - Slow Fashion


The jeans were purchased last year at a vintage market in Amsterdam for a bargain price. Vintage can be bought for the same price as the high street, it’s possible to find some great one-off pieces too. I cut the length of the jeans to make them more cropped. Unfortunately, when I first bought them, they were far too tight (it wasn’t a trying on kind of place.) I wore them around the house to loosen them off. Including sitting with them in the bath at one point to stretch out the cotton!

Since then I’ve worn them all the time, they are a forever piece for sure. They look great in the winter too with boots and cropped knits. It makes me smile when I wear them, not only because I like how they look but also because I put all that energy into making them perfect for me. There was a time where I would have half-heartedly tried on a few pairs of jeans at the shopping centre and taken the ones that fit best. But by making more of an effort to buy beautiful, well-made pieces, I now take much better care of them. And in turn feel better when I wear them.


Into The Eco - 30 Wears - Slow Fashion


Although I wear this blouse and jeans all the time, I don’t remember ever wearing them together before now. It is surprising how many outfit combinations you can find by using the clothes already in your wardrobe. I often take a picture when I find a particularly good combo and keep it in a folder on my phone. Perfect for days when I need a bit of inspiration. Pinterest is also a great place for inspiration. I can just type ‘navy sleeveless blouse outfit’ and it brings up lots of ways to wear this top. So, I can style it up with clothes I already own instead of buying new.

The black bag I’m wearing has also been worn more than 30 times. I bought it over a year ago from Sjaelv – an Etsy seller who handmakes small leather goods. I’ve worn it the majority of times I’ve left the house in the past year. I chose it specifically because I knew I would get a lot of wear out of it. 


Into The Eco - 30 Wears - Slow Fashion


The shoes are new to me this summer, I bought them from a vintage seller on Etsy so I’m still working towards 30 wears. I really love how they look so will probably be wearing them for years to come. Watch this space!

We will definitely be watching. Check out Laura’s beautiful blog and follow her on Instagram to keep up with her journey.

Thanks for taking part, Laura. I loved reading, I will be taking photos of my favourite outfit combos in the future. We can’t wait to publish the next ‘Worn It 30 Times’ post in our series, we already have it ready and waiting. If would like to get involved, please get in touch. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #wornit30times.

Love, Lottie xx

Into The Eco


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